French Smith O'Connor


Virtual Therapy


Specializes in:

Relationship Therapy, LGBTQ+, Depression and Anxiety, Trauma and Abuse, Grief and Loss, New Parents

I believe in the reparative power of relationships.


I will share my empathy and humanity with you in our therapeutic relationship. We will work together to identify patterns and past experiences that shape how you move through the world. This might include navigating how anxiety, trauma, and attachment affect your life. We will build upon your strengths and adaptive abilities to continue shaping the life you want to lead.
I am passionate about creating a nurturing, affirmative space where we can celebrate the many complexities that make us human. This includes queer relationships and identities, chosen/blended families, poly/kink and all the myriad ways we relate to each other and ourselves. As a systems thinker, I make space to acknowledge and process racialized oppression and other traumas that come with inhabiting marginalized identities.
As someone with a prior career in LGBTQ+ inclusion, corporate Diversity & Inclusion, and international affairs, I know what it’s like to be a busy professional with a never-ending to-do list. I appreciate how sacred (and necessary!) it is to take just an hour out of our busy week for self-reflection and healing. It’s an honor and privilege for me to be a part of that process with you.
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