Melissa Erickson


In-Person + Virtual Therapy


Specializes in:

Relationship Therapy, LGBTQ+, Depression and Anxiety, Trauma and Abuse, Grief and Loss

I deeply believe that we all possess the capacity to overcome challenges and move toward healing and wellness.


We all need support along our paths to healing, and I am passionate about providing you with that support. I use a collaborative approach to help you tend to emotional wounds and reshape past narratives into points of growth. I will help you gain curiosity for all the different parts of yourself that need to be seen and heard to strengthen self-compassion. Using an experiential approach, I will help you build on your strengths to grow and develop skills that you can use to navigate life's challenges.
I have seen how early experiences can shape how we move through the world, particularly experiences of trauma. Inhabiting marginalized identities can make accessing healing care even more difficult. I strive to maintain an LGBTQIA, social justice, and anti-oppressive practice, which often begins with acknowledging our shared and differing relationships to power and privilege. I create a safe space for you to process trauma and explore how past experiences may be informing how you have learned to survive in a complex world. Our work together will allow you to create more choice in how you respond to distress.
In working with couples, I help create safety in the room for each person to express their needs and hopes for how they want their relationship to grow. I will help you have difficult conversations in a way that allows each of you to hear and be heard.
I look forward to holding a supportive space for self exploration and growth on your path toward wellness.