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Kennedy Street now offers a new way to help people take care of their mental health.

As residents address the changing urban space and the craziness of the holiday season, family issues including parenting and caretaking, mental health needs may get ignored. That’s why Heidi Vanderwerff and Marjorie Strachman Miller started Kennedy Counseling Collective (508 Kennedy Street NW), with the goal of offering an inviting space that fosters a place of mental healing and health. They are committed to helping people find their voice along with the life they want to live as city dwellers.

Led by a belief in transparency, Heidi and Marjorie work with both adults and children and describe their approach as interactive. They believe in creating a space for clients to move at their own pace and explore their values and get healthier. Their goal is to provide a good experience, reducing the stigma associated with therapy. The communities of Petworth and Brightwood are ripe for their services as their needs are as diverse as the residents.

Heidi and Marjorie are pleasant, approachable and open to learning about how to serve more effectively and being intentional with people on varying spectrums in their life. They offer free 15-minute phone consultations to listen to concerns, outline their services and answer any questions a prospective client may have.

Heidi is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who offers individual and relationship counseling to professionals and new parents. Marjorie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (and play therapist) who works with all family arrangements and children over the age of 2. For children, therapy work looks like play. We create a safe space for children to freely express the full range of their emotions. We specialize in Play therapy metro DC.

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