Make therapy sessions a walk in the park with the Kennedy Counseling Collective

Make therapy sessions a walk in the park with the Kennedy Counseling Collective

There’s no question that our lives can be challenging for any number of reasons. Whether you are looking for better ways to communicate with your partner, adjusting to the anxiety of becoming a new parent, or dealing with the day-to-day stressors of working and living in DC, many turn to therapy. But the idea of therapy can be anxiety-provoking on its own, and for some, sitting in a room with a therapist sounds scary.

What if you could instead go for a walk and talk to someone, dig into what’s going on in your life and have someone there to help?

Kennedy Counseling, known for offering local therapy services to people in every stage of life, has now added a new way to participate in therapy called Walk & Talk.

Instead of sitting on a couch, you can go outdoors to the Takoma Recreation Center or Rock Creek Park and work through your thoughts with a therapist.

“Walk & Talk therapy combines the restorative effects of traditional talk therapy with the energizing benefits of exercise,” says Erica Greenspan, one of the clinicians at Kennedy Counseling.

During your Walk & Talk session, your therapist will meet you at the nature center at Rock Creek Park for a 45-minute loop. You can enjoy being surrounded by nature while noticing how you regulate challenges presented by the course. You also have the option to meet at the Takoma Recreation Center for a walk along the green space in that neighborhood, where you will be able to take time for yourself amidst busy city life.

When extreme weather doesn’t permit Walk & Talk, or you want a more traditional therapy setting, Kennedy Counseling is conveniently located at 508 Kennedy Street NW in Petworth.