Heidi Vanderwerff, LICSW
I will help you live into the life you want. I am a calm presence offering a healing space and feedback to challenge you, that will lead to growth.
Marjorie Strachman Miller, PhD, LMFT
I am passionate about helping you find your voice when difficult experiences and emotions create barriers to relating to others and accomplishing your goals.
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Marjorie Strachman Miller, PhD, LMFT

I am passionate about helping you find your voice when difficult experiences and emotions create barriers to relating to others and accomplishing your goals.

We are often occupied with our day-to-day lives and struggles with one another. I will help you go below the surface at your own pace so you can develop a better understanding of yourself and others. This includes processing experiences of trauma and abuse. I help you to acknowledge your feelings and give you a safe space to express yourself. You will move forward in areas in your life where you may have felt stuck before.

I am also here to work with you through discovering your identity, which may include gender identity. I am passionate about exploring how gender and culture intersects with each of our identities and social context.

In my work with children, ages 2 years-old and above, I use play therapy to process their experiences of trauma and abuse.
I love working with children because in our work, I see them build resiliency so that they can develop trust, regain empowerment, and heal in their relationships with safe family members.

With families, I help everyone to feel better heard, understood, and connected with one another. I also enjoy helping you as a parent to feel more present with your children.

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Heidi Vanderwerff, LICSW

I will help you live into the life you want. I am a calm presence offering a healing space and feedback to challenge you, that will lead to growth.

I provide individual therapy and couples therapy (relationship therapy) for professionals and new parents. I help you move from busy to intentional city dweller, creating healthy patterns to live in the present.

If you feel you are in crisis - overwhelmed by anxious feelings, panic, stress, or feeling down about your life and relationships - I will help you make sense of those feelings, navigate them, and function better day-to-day.

Our work together may begin with problem-solving and working through the crisis at hand. With my guidance you will quickly understand the undercurrents that have brought you to this place. We will gently address these patterns at your pace and create a healing narrative so that when you leave my office, you are in a better place.
After working with me, you can expect to feel more content and purposeful, to function comfortably in your relationships, master a work-life flow, and be connected to the things that bring you joy.

For new parents, I bring my experience and training to help you navigate the logistical and emotional challenges of pregnancy and parenting. Together we identify your supports and strengths, and create a plan to ensure you have what you need to parent confidently each day.

Alongside young professionals, I help you to understand yourself and create a meaningful role for yourself in today’s world. Areas of focus may include couples therapy, family relationships, vocation, finances, and establishing healthy daily routines. You will leave each appointment with a “take away” assignment or reflection to continue your growth in between our meetings.

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We believe that mental health is a priority, and therapy services should be accessible to everyone. When you work with us, just by showing up for your session, you are helping to provide therapy services to others. We put a portion of our income towards work with others who could not otherwise afford services.

Emotional struggles do not discriminate based on class, race, sex, but the context in which we live can exacerbate issues for us. We all need help at different times in our lives, and our mission is create a system in which you can ‘pay it forward’ to others while valuing yourself by reflecting on your own life.

Become a part of our mission & contact us.
Individual Counseling
We recognize how difficult it can be to create time for self-care and to connect to the important people in your life. We offer you a calm space to unpack the issues that are most important to you. We believe that you are the expert of your world, and we are here to offer compassionate guidance towards your goals. We use a range of specializations, strengthened by our ongoing training and experience, to help you reach these goals. Begin this process here.
Relationship Counseling Support
Whether you come in on your own or with a partner, we consider how you are impacted by your relationships. We will help you to connecting with one another so that you can bond in a way that may be difficult to do when you are on your own. Relationship counseling support may include couples therapy, pre-marital therapy, separation guidance, or everything in-between. To better understand yourself and your partner, start here.
Play Therapy
We specialize in providing play therapy for children and their families. For children, therapy work looks like play. We create a safe space for children to freely express the full range of their emotions, which may be difficult for you and them when expressed at home and/or school. The therapeutic toys in our playroom paired with our interventions will help your child to process, heal, and move forward with greater confidence. To get your child the help they need, start here.
Virtual Therapy
We believe that a good fit is important between therapist and client, so we provide virtual video therapy options to work with you when you are unable to meet in person. We are also able to provide exclusively virtual therapy if you live internationally. Contact us today to connect.
Our process takes you where you want to be.
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Individual sessions are 50 minutes. Couples therapy and family counseling sessions are up to 80 minutes. Please contact us for our rates. If you are insured, we will provide guidance to access your out-of-network benefits to cover the costs associated with our work together.

If you do not want submit claims yourself, you can use Better, a company which will submit your out-of-network claims for you for a fee. Please note that they are a separate company and we do not work directly with them.

Invest in yourself so that you can live each day fully.

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We are located on the currently revitalizing Kennedy Street, in the Petworth-Brightwood neighborhood, conveniently located near Takoma, DC and the Maryland border.

There is ample street parking, nearby bus routes, and access to Capital Bikeshare.

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