Whether you are questioning your identity, or you see your queer identity as just one of the aspects of who you are, our counselors are affirming and trained to work alongside you so you don’t have to do the work for your counselor.

Gender Identity
Social norms about gender affect everyone, and when you identify as non-binary, you feel these affects from unspoken beliefs to explicit labeling. We take care to be affirming and informed as a support to you as you explore, live, and thrive in your self-expression. We follow your lead while encouraging you to honor who you are.

In any relationship work we do, we aim to increase intimacy and trust. Being in a relationship in the context of heteronormativity can add to our relationship stressors, such as parental acceptance, workplace stress, and determining poly relationship boundaries. We are here to help navigate the complexities of being in a relationship while strengthening your bond.


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