Parenting & Fertility

The road to becoming a parent and the journey of parenting can be stressful. At Kennedy Counseling Collective, we specialize in fertility and parenting support.

In primary or secondary infertility, mental health support is part of the whole team approach to supporting women and their partners. The waiting and loss that can be associated with fertility treatments on top of the logistics of appointments, takes a toll on our ability to focus and function to meet other life demands. Therapy can help identify strategies that work to find relief from worry and be present and empowered by the fertility process.

Before having a child, you may have only heard about the rewarding parts of parenthood. You may be surprised by the loss of space in your life for parts of your identity. Conflict may arise in your relationships, past trauma may creep back up, or perhaps you want to ensure unhealthy family patterns are healed so they don’t continue in the next generation. Therapy can help you manage postpartum anxiety or depression, and form a healthy attachment to your child from birth through the teen years. Your therapist will help you heal triggers and cope with stressors, while considering your child’s development and attachment. Doing this work now will help you feel more resilient with your family unit through the years.


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