When we think about nourishing the whole person, we often include relationships, physical and mental health, and vocation. Spirituality often remains unnamed in our holistic well-being. We are all spiritual beings whether we practice through organized religion or feel connected to nature, community, or our own consciousness.

Sometimes we hold trauma or distaste from religious organizations or upbringings. These experiences can leave us feeling conflicted; we are missing something that was important to us but we were also hurt by the very thing that is missing. Perhaps we simply have a longing in our hearts/soul/gut to connect with something greater than ourselves. In therapy, as we help to heal traumas, you will also gain space to identify which components of spirituality feel right to add to your holistic identity.

Kennedy Counseling offers Christian-based counseling that allows for more explicit discussion from a Christian faith perspective, please mention that interest in your contact form to be matched accordingly.


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