Aaron Severn

In-Person + Virtual Therapy
Pre-Licensed In:
DC | MD | VA
Specializing In:
Individuals, Trauma & Abuse, Grief & Loss, Depression & Anxiety, Spirituality, Relationship Therapy, Family Therapy, New Parents

With a foundation of relational trust, and by identifying and utilizing your unique strengths, we will work together to overcome your challenges so you can lead the life you envision.

Regardless of the concerns that are prompting you to reach out for support, I will be a calming, empathic presence who seeks to understand your goals, values, and strengths. This relationship and mutual understanding will serve as a critical component as we resolve individual, relationship, or family concerns. I am a firm believer that each person requires a unique therapeutic approach and will explore with you how your own history, thought patterns, and/or habits relate to your concerns and goals.

I approach my work with a combination of unconditional empathy and cognitive behavioral therapy to help you understand how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors interact to influence patterns such as anxiety or depression. We will work together to gain an understanding of the root causes of your mental health challenges and identify strategies that will lead to sustained improvements.

As the father of two young children with a previous career in government affairs in DC, I appreciate the difficulties in adjusting to different life stages and the challenges that can accompany joyous milestones. I also understand how our modern world puts ever greater demands on our attention and how this can lead to feelings of loneliness and fatigue, especially for parents. Whether you come in as an individual, couple, or family I will work with you to navigate these changes in a way that strengthens your relationships and adheres to your values. I am excited that you are looking into taking the first step in creating positive change in your life and would love to hear from you.