Ali Cherry

In-Person + Virtual Therapy
Pre-Licensed In:
Specializing In:
Individuals, Relationship Therapy, Depression and Anxiety, Parents and Fertility

Our ability to live how we want is often limited by who we believe we are. If you feel stuck or something’s not quite working, let’s recraft your story.

We are awake for hours every day, but we retell our day in minutes, picking and choosing what’s worth remembering and sharing, and making meaning of the hundreds of moments. Over a lifetime, this can mean we prioritize details and connect the dots in ways that leave us disappointed or not in control of how we feel or how our lives look. We can get stuck on the story and believe we’re a more limited character than we are. That’s where therapy can help. Through a collaborative process with a narrative, emotion-focused lens and a dose of humor, we’ll revisit your experiences, reprocess those you never fully felt or made sense of, and then rewrite stories that have you feeling more like yourself – with more choices, space, and creativity.

I work with individuals and couples to help them reconnect to themselves and one another. As we tell ourselves better stories, we can be fuller characters in our lives – that means feeling less overwhelm, judgment, and conflict, and more connection, presence, and understanding. I look forward to working with you to recraft your stories and create your life as you want it.