Hannah Butterworth

In-Person + Virtual Therapy
Pre-Licensed In:
Specializing In:
Relationship Therapy, Grief and Loss, Spirituality, Depression & Anxiety

I believe that personal insight and self-compassion are essential components to long-lasting, positive change.
One of the most important aspects of getting help is the trust and quality of the connection you feel with your therapist. Having the freedom to express challenging feelings in a calm, welcoming space can make all the difference. My approach to therapy is gentle, collaborative, engaging, and nonjudgmental. I firmly believe that you are the expert on your own experience. I will serve as a guide as you work through grief, anxiety, depression, difficult life transitions, and challenging relationships. In time, you will learn to turn toward the vulnerable, sad, angry, and fearful parts of yourself so you can feel grounded and calm, even in difficult situations. When working with couples, I take a balanced, non-judgmental approach to make space for each partner’s voice and perspective. Through our work, couples can reconnect, interrupt frustrating and ineffective communication patterns, process grief or infidelity, and learn to turn toward one another with empathy and curiosity. I look forward to helping you along your path toward well-being, whatever that means for you!