Katherine Borja-Taylor

In-Person + Virtual Therapy
Pre-Licensed In:
Specializing In:
Play Therapy, Adolescent Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Grief and Loss, Anxiety & Depression

I like to refer to myself as the ‘cozy counselor.’ This means that you can expect an environment in which you will feel comfortable, seen, and accepted as you are.

As a DC native who is passionate about bettering my community, I take pride in being a part of the mental health field and providing services to my hometown. I faced multiple adversities growing up, and found the arts and imaginative play to be comforting outlets for healing. When asked why I entered the mental health profession, my answer is, “I wanted to be the person I needed the most growing up.” Now, I like to include creativity, arts, and imagination in my work, adapting my skills to your developmental and circumstantial needs.

I embrace expressiveness, including the emotions you bring to the session and the techniques I introduce. My versatile therapeutic style includes Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Expressive Arts Therapy. I work from a trauma-informed lens and offer support to those who experience medical procedure anxieties, such as dental and surgical procedures.

My goal as a counselor is to guide you towards resolutions and gain a new sense of confidence within yourself. As a client, you will often hear me say, “This is your world, and I’m just living in it at this moment with you…” So, if you’d like to share a piece of your world with me, please contact me for a consult!