Marjorie Strachman Miller

In-Person + Virtual Therapy
Licensed In:
Specializing In:
LGBTQ+, Play Therapy, Trauma and Abuse
I am passionate about helping you find your voice when difficult experiences and emotions create barriers to relating to others and accomplishing your goals.

We are often occupied with our day-to-day lives and struggles with one another. I will help you go below the surface at your own pace so you can develop a better understanding of yourself and others. This includes processing experiences of trauma and abuse. I help you to acknowledge your feelings and give you a safe space to express yourself. You will move forward in areas in your life where you may have felt stuck before.

I am also here to work with you through discovering your identity, which may include gender identity. I am passionate about exploring how gender and culture intersects with each of our identities and social context.

In my work with children, ages 3 years-old and above, I use play therapy to help them process their experiences and emotions. In the same way that adults value time with a therapist, children find value in having their own space to work through the issues that weigh on them. I love working with children because in our work, I see them build resiliency to develop their confidence and learn how to express themselves.