Mitra Nasrollahi

In-Person + Virtual Therapy
Pre-Licensed In:
Specializing In:
Depression & Anxiety, Trauma, New Parents

Each and every one of us is perfectly imperfect – resulting in an amalgamation of something unique and beautiful: this is what we will uncover in our sessions together.

I am here to collaborate with you on your journey of self-discovery, in a space that is safe for you to show up “imperfectly”. However busy and overwhelming life may be, my hope for you is that you walk away from therapy feeling like you have gained greater insight into your inner-self and created the change you had sought in your life.

We each have a distinct therapeutic need. I utilize an integrative approach to therapy where I lean on cognitive and positive psychology as well as mindfulness. I work with individuals and couples who are experiencing communication barriers, loneliness and isolation, anxiety, depression, self-doubt and trauma. We will work on reframing destructive inner narratives into constructive building blocks.

As a professional living in D.C. and with personal experience of the toll high-intensity careers have on our wellbeing, I am all too familiar with the stressors we face in our fast-paced lives. Having lived in multiple countries, I can also relate to the challenges of adjusting to a new home.

You have the ability to choose how you show up in your life. Seeking therapy, a form of self-care, is a powerful first step. I am excited you are here!