Summer brings warmth and joy, but don’t forget to prioritize your mental health amidst the sunshine. Consistency is key, though it’s easy to let excitement and travel plans get in the way of maintaining your mental health routine throughout the season. The sun is out and you may be feeling the buzz of summer energy, but don’t ditch your routine! Embrace the summer while nurturing your inner self. You can do solid work when you’re feeling good. Plus, your routine of the summer will help carry you through yet another winter.

If you’re traveling this summer, you can still keep up with your sessions! Virtual therapy is a wonderful way to avoid letting your mental health fall to the wayside during a busy summer season. Virtual therapy comes to you, wherever you are, whatever you’re going through.

When you’re traveling, especially in a situation that you may feel anxiety about, consider keeping your appointment virtual to get some calm while you’re away. Here are a few tips on maintaining privacy during virtual therapy:

If you really can’t keep a session this summer, there are many other great ways to keep your mental health routine in check.

Go into therapy when you can!

Summer burnout is real. This time of year can be hectic and self-care can often fall by the wayside. There will likely be times when you won’t be able to physically go into your therapy session, but it’s important to go in when you are able.

Therapy is a journey, and consistency is key. Consistently attending therapy sessions, even during the summer, allows you to maintain the progress you’ve made. The therapeutic relationship and the insights gained over time are valuable assets that can support you through any season.

As you plan your summer adventures, consider the importance of therapy and the impact it can have on your mental well-being. Make an intentional choice to prioritize your growth, self-care, and overall mental health by continuing or starting therapy during this season. Talk to your counselor about adopting a more flexible schedule or even trying remote sessions.