Welcome to our 2-part Summer Survival Newsletter! Last year, we focused on Summer Self-Care, but this year we are being real and want to help you survive this summer. Let’s start by blowing up some terms/messages we’ve been hearing these last few months. Next time, we’ll get into more specific survival skills.

​New Normal


While there are definitely long-term new ways of interacting and precautions to take, many of you have been telling us how aggravated you are by the term “new normal.” It is true that many old standards are changing. Many of these things are incredibly difficult and draining. Simply living through this pandemic takes a lot of energy. But there is nothing “normal” about what we’re going through right now.

We’ve seen a 2nd wave of depression hit with the cancelation of many planned summer and fall activities. You might be feeling the loss of your summer traditions and expectations. Just when you exhaled on the last day of being a home-school teacher, you might have learned that your kids won’t be returning in the fall. Or maybe your employer announced that work from home has been extended through 2021.

But you know we have a silver lining, we always do. Some things that have been considered “normal,” such as institutionalized racism, are being met with the absence of complacency in a way that demonstrates how people are fed up with “normal.” One of my (MSM) favorite quotes, by Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “There is nothing permanent except change” has always been comforting to me. If we expect change, then we are less derailed by it when it comes and can see it as a growth opportunity. More on how to embrace that in part 2 next time. Let’s keep venting for now, shall we?

Social Distancing

A quick note on social distancing – this term has definitely stuck and we all know what it means. But as my son’s preschool teacher pointed out, physical distancing might be a more appropriate term. Some of us are being more social than ever to fend off isolation or keep tabs on loved ones.

Do what you need to do (but don’t drop the ball at work)

You might also be receiving mixed messages about taking care of yourself, doing what you need to do to take care of your kids, even taking time off. Meanwhile, the expectation to perform at a pre-COVID level remains. Oh, and there have been 7 zoom meetings scheduled without asking about your availability first. The wall between home and work life has been blown up too. Your co-workers have seen your “new coworkers” come barging into the room, and they might even think it’s cute. Many employers, even the ones sending mixed messages, are doing their best. But it’s all still stressful for you, and again you’re just trying to survive.

“Meanwhile, the expectation to perform at a pre-COVID level remains.”

Hopefully, we’ve represented your anger, annoyance, and depression (and ours of course). Reply to let us know if you have anything to add, or book a session with us today so you can vent your frustrations. Next time, we will go into some ideas about how to survive this summer. With a focus on – you guessed it – the value of therapy.


Your support around the corner, or wherever there’s WiFi,