We would like to share some of our reflections on the Black Lives Matter movement as a therapy practice in DC, from the perspective of the two white women who own it. We have been taking time to process together and cultivate our thoughts so that we are not sending one more “which side are you on” email from a business.

We are energized by the current movement of so many people standing up and speaking out for Black Lives Matter. We also know that racial injustice has been embedded in our society since its formation. Part of what has motivated us to enter this field is to create social change. We chose to open our practice in a neighborhood, that while gentrifying, remains committed to supporting black residents and businesses.

As systematic thinkers, we believe that racism in many ways stems from unaddressed fear and shame of the oppressors. The continued mistreatment of African Americans in our society is like the United State’s family secret, which everyone actually knows about, but few of the privileged call it out. The pain and mistreatment continues, being passed down from generation to generation. It is our responsibility to break that cycle, and continue to break it down like we do with unhealthy family patterns: acknowledge the pain and rage of those who are being hurt, make space for those emotions, and recognize the patterns which continue, spoken and unspoken, so that they can be upended. However, we are not claiming to have the answer to solving racism in America. This situation is so complex, and takes time and continued effort.

What KCC has been doing and will continue to do:

Thank you for taking the time to read, reflect, and work towards healing alongside us.

​Marjorie & Heidi