Happy New Year to you and yours! For many people, the mark of a new year is an opportunity to check in with one’s self. For those who identify with the fresh start of a new year, January can be a great time to identify things that no longer serve you and make room for those that will.

It’s no secret that many new year’s resolutions fall through the cracks, but that’s no reason to feel disempowered. If you want the new year to bring new beginnings, you are capable of creating those changes. With the right strategic approach, making positive changes in your life can be easy. We’ve created a short guide to help set you on your way, if you so choose. We hope you find this guide to be as useful as we have found it to be.


Of course, if you’d like more support in letting go, reaching your goals, or just opening up, Kennedy Counseling Collective is here for you.