Patterns are all around us all the time. They are in the way we move through our day and the way we interact with others. Our brains are hardwired to seek and form patterns. It’s how we’re able to make sense of a chaotic world and function with relative ease. 

Recognizing and understanding these patterns can help us to live more intentional lives. Whether those patterns are positive, negative, or neutral, they can inform us about what serves us and what does not. Taking the time to reflect on the many patterns that emerge in our lives lays the groundwork for shaping more beneficial behaviors and living a more fulfilling life.

Patterns can form for any number of reasons. At their core, a lot of patterns are driven by emotion and past experience. Most patterns arise out of the habit loop, which involves a cue, which triggers a routine or behavior, that then releases a reward. Just because there is some sort of reward feeling doesn’t mean that these habits are always healthy. While many of our patterns do initially form to serve us in some way, they can also lose their purpose over time. Identifying what patterns no longer serve us can help make room for ones that do. On the flip side, noticing what patterns are working well can help you to nurture more positive behaviors.

Patterns can work in subtle and mysterious ways, so it can be quite helpful to work with a specialist. Licensed professionals can offer guidance in getting to the bottom of what patterns are apparent, how they came to be, and whether or not they are constructive. 

If you’re interested in deepening your understanding of the patterns in your life, we are always here to help.