Hi Everyone!

We are starting  a 4-part series addressing the question we’ve been hearing from our community of clients: “Are my thoughts and feelings normal in this abnormal context I’m living in?”

We are privileged to be trusted with your emotional wellbeing right now, so we want to share what we’ve been learning about the human condition during this time, beginning with the virtual connection.

Most of our human “contact” now happens virtually. By now, you’ve heard our kids and dogs, and we’ve witnessed your family members seeking your attention, including Whiskers stealthily gliding by the camera. We’ve been hearing that people are both surviving on and exhausted by virtual interaction. It seems the key to preventing ‘virtual burnout’ might be similar to your in-person interactions: when you’re able, choose the connections which are fulfilling rather than draining. We’ve also heard that sometimes you just need a break from video calls. You can always empathically shout at your neighbor from 6 feet away instead.

Virtual Therapy

We are honored to find that therapy is one of the fulfilling types of virtual interactions. We’ve been thinking carefully about how to keep it this way for you, such as incorporating mindfulness, being flexible, and taking care of ourselves so we are present for you. Many clients have shared that it is more natural than expected. We are missing being in the room with you, but are so grateful for the ability to virtually connect with you.

​At this point, most of us are searching for humor to get us through this situation (one of our favorite coping mechanisms). Here are Hamilton cast members performing “The Zoom Where It Happened.”


Thank you for taking the time to read our thoughts. We love having you as part of our community. Feel free to respond to this email, or book an appointment so we can support you through this time.


Your support around the corner, or wherever there’s wifi,