Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

We’re excited to have recently welcomed a new clinician on board who specializes in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Danny is eager to share more about what DBT is and how it works as an effective form of therapy. So, without further adieu, let’s hear from Danny himself:  Hi everyone! My name is Danny Shaheen, and […]

Mindfulness & Energetic Connection

As the heat of the summer sun begins to ease up, we know that a seasonal shift is coming our way. During seasonal shifts, it’s important to prioritize mindfulness around mental health. Such shifts in our environment can bring about internal shifts, and being tapped into our inner-scape can help maintain stability amid change. There […]

Family Dynamics with Children

Now that kids are out of school and families are spending more time as a unit, it’s a good time to talk about children’s place in the family, and therefore the world. It’s a big topic to cover, so we’ve broken it down into sub-sections.  Family Dynamics: Children are deeply impacted by family dynamics. Kids […]